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The KENATCO Taxi Service is a combination of a trained and professional driver and a the famed KENATCO blue Mercedes Benz Taxi. The KENATCO Taxi Company is Kenya's premier provider of taxi services and is universally recognized for providing Kenya with the ‘Mercedes cab’, the icon of Africa's best taxi system. The KENATCO Taxi Company has a fleet of approx 1,800 vehicles.

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About Us

To provide market driven services by offering high quality transport services and related disciplines

To be the preferred National Taxi Service Provider in the Transport sector and related disciplines.

Our objective is to provide high standard and efficient taxi services at competitive prices.  

With every car in our fleet equipped with GPS tracking, real-time coordination with our dispatch office and online registrations, Kenatco Taxis ensures you safe, fast and reliable services. All our vehicles are also comprehensively insured, air conditioned and WIFI enabled.

We have also introduced a new mobile application M-Titan. This application has various features that will enable the client to:

  • Provide Feedback
  • Make bookings
  • Get traffic updates
  • Know total Kilometers covered for the trip
  • How much the trip cost
  • Know the driver’s name and car registration number

This enables us to manage our large clientele ensuring that we offer first class services.

KENATCO Taxi Service Sub Stations

Upperhill station - 0712618171

Westlands - 0704665819

Chiromo - 0702143522

Hilton Hotel - 0704665817

Norfolk Hotel - 0704665815

JKIA - 0703115976/ 0735572365

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