Driver Companion Application

Welcome to the KENATCO Driver Companion Application

This application will allow you to access the Trip Completion Form and the Incident Reporting Form.

The Trip Completion Form should be completed by the taxi driver and their client upon arrival of destination, so as to complete the transaction. Once the form is filled, the particulars will be sent to the KENATCO server. NOTE: The Reservation Officer will send you the Ticket Support Number, be careful to remember the code when filling in the Trip Completion Form.

The Incident Reporting Form allows the Taxi Driver to log incidents like accidents, traffic stops, injuries, client belligerence, etc. Once you complete and submit the Incident Reporting Form, the data will be sent to the KENATCO server.

Please click on the appropriate link to access the forms. Technical Support - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 0722 345345


Forms and Reports

This section is a demonstration of the following assets:

The taxi driver companion application will allow the driver to access:

  • Incident Reporting Form
  • Trip Completion Form

Designated Administrator will access area with the following reports:

  • Reservations Submissions Report
  • Trip Completion Submissions Report
  • Incident Reporting Submissions Report
  • Client Reports Request Submissions Report

The corporate clients will have access to an area with:

  • Client Reports Request Form

Taxi Fleet

KENATCO Taxis Ltd has a fleet of approximately 100 vehicles that consist of a variety of saloon cars licensed to carry 4 people and tour buses licensed to carry 10, 14 and 25 passengers.

Saloon Cars

Our saloon cars are sleek with attractive interior deco. Most of our saloon cars are fully loaded.

  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly
  • Runs on compressed natural gas (CNG)
  • Seating capacity: Four adults / three adults + two children / two adults + three children / one adult + four children

Tour Buses

Our tour buses are clean and complaint with government requirements.

Seating capacity: Four adults / three adults + two children / two adults + three children / one adult + four children / six children

  • Ample legroom and luggage space
  • Child seat available on request
  • Seating capacity: Seven adults / six adults + one child / five adults + three children / four adults + four children / three adults + six children / two adults + seven children / one adult + nine children / ten children
  • Equipped with fully automated wheelchair access facilities to accommodate passengers with special needs
  • Safety features for the passenger in wheelchair include a seat belt, clamps for the wheelchair and a headrest
  • Features sliding doors at the sides, and has ample legroom and storage space for luggage and bulky items
  • Seating capacity: Four adults and one passenger in wheelchair

Online Booking

Dial a Cab: +254 711 711
Call our hotline number to book a KENATCO taxi. The prevailing current or advance booking fee is applicable for this service. Advance bookings must be made half an hour in advance.

Online Taxi Booking
Now you can book a taxi from your PC before going off for your appointment or going home. Please note - prevailing booking fees are applicable for using this service.

Please log in to make an online taxi booking


The KENATCO Taxi Service is a combination of a trained and professional driver and a the famed KENATCO blue Mercedes Benz Taxi. The KENATCO Taxi Company is Kenya's premier provider of taxi services and is universally recognized for providing Kenya with the ‘Mercedes cab’, the icon of Africa's best taxi system. The KENATCO Taxi Company has a fleet of approx 1,800 vehicles.